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Are you struggling to find a Local Tutor?

Worry no more. Unitut is here for you.

UniTut website is designed to help high school learners find local private tutors anywhere in South Africa. UniTut started when our CEO had to turn down other learners because of the high demand for home tuition and private tutors, UniTut now offers home tutors and private tutoring in South Africa.

Private tutoring is one of the fastest growing markets in South Africa with many tutors, parents and students choosing a home tutor for private tuition to help with their studies. Simply run a search and find a private tutor from our database to provide you with high quality private tuition wherever suits you best - we profile both home tutors who give tuition at their home, and private tutors who travel to you.

UniTut Tutors

UniTut is not just apps

Its an online community that loves helping each other.

Are you struggling with a homework? why don't you ask for help from our online community. We have both tutors and learners always ready to answer your questions. Do not struggle alone, join us today.


Features of UniTut

These are some of the things you will be able to do in our system


Easy way to see how many tutors are available in your area. Easy to navigate the app around and see statistics of almost everything.


Speak to our online community who are experiencing similar Exam problems that are popular around your area.


Most of the functionalities of the learning processes are automated. This means you will spend more time on things you love.

Secure Messaging

Both Users and Tutors can message each other for free, even send pictures. All messages are end-to-end encrypted.


Every month we host an event to inspire high school learners. We have a competition and the top 3 learners will be given prizes.


We protect your data to the best of our ability. You can read more about this at our Privacy Policy